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8 Seater Taxi

Most of the minicab companies have set a limit that not more than four people can travel in their vehicle at a time. So what should you do when you need a journey to accommodate more than four people at a time? You can simply hire an 8 seater minibus transfer London. As the name of this service suggests it is capable of accommodating more than four people at a time. There are a limited amount of companies that have vehicles to provide this type of service to their customers. You will have to look for a company that does on the internet or the market. Not only the seating space have these vehicles had many other features to offer as well. Although this totally depends on the transport company you have chosen for the minibus service.

Fortunately, there is a company in London that offers its customers with the 8 seater minibus transfer London respectively. It’s Link 2 Airports! Not only the 8 seater minibus we have we have a range of vehicles that you can hire as a private hire mimicab in London. All of these have one feature in common which is providing you with a tireless trip. The private hire minicab that we will provide you will be in a very good shape as they are maintained regularly. So you don’t have to worry whenever you call us. We can guarantee you a safe trip anywhere in the city at the best rates possible.

Our 8 seater minibus transfer London:

We are one of the very few private hire minicab companies in the city that are providing their customers with an 8 seater minibus. As to provide this service you should have some special vehicles that obviously we have in our ranks. There are many reasons to consider our 8 seater minibus transfer London. Some of these reasons are mentioned below so that you can know how beneficial we can be for you.

  • Trained and certified drivers
  • New / Latest vehicles
  • The Best Prices

These features of our 8 seater minibuses are further discussed below.

Trained and certified drivers:

One of the quality that sets us apart from other companies is that we have trained and certified drivers for the job. This is very important as it guarantees a safe trip to your destination. Knowing that an experienced driver is transporting you gives you a mental relaxation as well. 8 seater minibus are nothing like your regular taxis. For starters it’s much bigger in size and requires a certain set of skills in order to drive. An average private hire minicab driver might not be qualified to drive these vehicles. At Link 2 Airports this is not the case. We train our drivers to drive these big minibuses the best way possible. We don’t let them drive customers unless we are 100% sure that they are now fully capable of driving one. The training we provide is not only limited to the 8 seater minibus near me drivers we do it with all our drivers. We only opt to go with this technique because we want our customers to feel safe whenever they are travelling with us.

New/latest vehicles:

In our ranks we have some of the latest models of these 8 seater minibues. All of these are equipped with all the latest features. Features like, Wi-Fi connectivity, comfortable seats, air conditioning and an improved stereo system as well. We let our customers take full advantage of these features as we want them to have an enjoyable trip with us. These features have made us an instant hit among our customers. While travelling in one of our 8 seater they can easily use social media or listen to some music along with the comfort ability they are getting with the seats of the minibus.

The best Prices:

One of our strongest attribute is our prices. We have some of the most attractive costs when it comes to providing 8 seater minibus transfer service to our customers. These exceptional prices have helped us in making new customers and keeping the older ones loyal to us. So whenever you are in a dire need of 8 seater minibus give us a call at our company’s number without any hesitation and we will help you out.

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